3. Zinc

Functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Mark Hyman tells us “Low zinc levels are associated with lowered immunity, poor heavy metal detoxification, and ADHD.”

Maybe your child eats plenty of foods rich in zinc – like spinach, seafood, nuts, and beans. But, sometimes nutrients get wiped out by other things. Especially processed foods, white bread refined sugar and even many medications – like antibiotics.

Dr. Neil Ward discovered an interesting fact about the disruptive effect of antibiotics on kids with ADHD.

Ward found that antibiotics not only wipe out beneficial bacteria in the gut, they also impair the absorption of nutrients. Most kids Dr. Ward studied who were labeled with ADHD, had several antibiotics in their early years. After much research, he proved that kids who had taken at least three doses of antibiotics before the age of three had much lower levels of zinc, calcium, chromium, and selenium.

A zinc imbalance can interfere with proper neurotransmitter function in the brain. Especially the pathways in the brain that affect our behavior. Dr. Mercola says that “Adding zinc to the diets of teenagers has even been shown to cause improvements in memory and attention span.”

You can learn more about zinc deficiency in these Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency article and infographic.

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