4 Workout Motivation Ideas that ACTUALLY Work

4 Workout Motivation Ideas that ACTUALLY Work | thegoodstuff

In theory, working out is easy. Get in the car, go to the gym. Or lace up your trusty old sneakers and go for a run. Should be a no brainer, but according the CDC, only 20.8% of adults are meeting recommendations for aerobic and strength training activity.

More often than not, what we need is motivation to ACTUALLY work out!

Tip: Motivation can come in all shapes and sizes. Find out what truly motivates you. Head to the gym and while you’re there, look around — what excites you about being there? What could make your gym experience better? Take a mental note of what what you notice and make some changes ASAP. Jealous of those fantastic running shoes? Bored with your routine? Easy changes.

Update your workout gear

A new polka dot sports bra or some moisture-wicking compression shorts could make your workout more comfortable and boost your confidence at the same time. Clothes that fit well and inspire you to move are excellent tools for your workout. The Nike bra guide helps find the level of support you need based on your workout and body type.


Evaluate your routine and try something new

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at the gym. Maybe a 2 mile run is your go-to, or maybe you always head straight for the elliptical machine. Shake things up and try a group exercise class or ask for a tutorial on a new machine. Maybe the gym itself isn’t inspiring to you? Try swimming if you have a lap pool available. Swimming is a lifelong sport, excellent for cardiovascular health, and gentle on your joints.

Get (Fun!) New Shoes

NikeID customizable workout gear includes some really fun shoe options. Create a fun and energetic color combination that excites you. From soles to laces, customize everything right down to the Nike Swoosh.

Create a great new playlist

Spend some time curating a playlist of your favorite songs that make you feel the beat so deep you just have to get moving! Or, get some variety by test driving some playlists that others have already created.  While you’re at it, invest in some great earbuds that stay securely in your ears during vigorous exercise.

Working out isn’t an all or nothing commitment! Make some time in your life for at least one or two workouts per week. It’s better than nothing, and soon you might be on the path to a much healthier you!

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