4 Reasons Why Everybody Should Lose Weight

3. Losing weight will vastly improve the quality of your life

There’s little debate on how annoying being fat can be. Not only you need to eat more, spend more money, look out for special-sized clothes and endure the never-ending pain of feeling constantly hungry. Those are minor annoyances, indeed. If you’re overweight, you will be much more prone to anxiety, social stress, and low self-esteem. It’s not just about society and perception. There are several physiological mechanisms that will make overweight and obese people feel worse than slim and athletic ones. And what about that constant horrible feeling of sluggishness? The fact that even the smallest physical endeavor will let you feel fatigued, drained, and debilitated? What about that constant urge to eat something after you just finished your meal, that oppressive feeling of shame and guilt every time you eat too much, and the economic and social burden of coping with one of the many diseases associated with overweight? Recent studies even demonstrated that people that live a healthier lifestyle and engage in regular physical exercises would suffer from less pre-menstrual syndrome effects, suffer from fewer anxiety symptoms, are more able to cope with stressful situations, and have a better overall mood.

4. People around you will appreciate and love you more

People that love you will keep loving you no matter what. But what about giving them reasons to love you a little more? Being fat usually means also being uglier, and being overweight often means that you do not give much effort to looking better than you are. Be a better person, spend more time taking care of your appearance and health. Other people will love you more and in turn, you will also love yourself a little bit more.

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