The 30-Minute, No-Equipment Workout That Burns 250 Calories

Incinerating fat is mission number one at S10 Training, a private studio in New York City. “We use a body composition analyzer [a souped-up scale that measures with bioelectrical impedance analysis] to read how much muscle, visceral fat, body fat, and water weight you have an how many calories you burn at rest,” says S10’s founder, Stephen Cheuk. “This data allows you to train smarter, so you’re not doing a workout that doesn’t net results.”

You may not have such high-tech trackers, but you can benefit from all the number crunching that S10 has done to maximize the fat-burn in its workouts. Getting into that optimal melting zone, Cheuk says, boils down to shocking the body with a physical challenge it hasn’t adapted to yet. “Every workout should feel like the first week you came to the gym,” he says.

Cheuk created this high-insenity routine using just gravity and body weight to spark your fat burners as you sculpt every muscle. You’ll alternate between a one-minute compound strength move and a 30-second cardio burst. Max your burn by working a little harder and faster each round. (And if this is the kind of workout you love, you’ll go gaga over our 30-day heart-rate boosting HIIT challenge.)

How it works: Warm up, then complete the exercises in order. Repeat the circuit two more times.

Total Time: up to 30 minutes

You will need: No equipment

1. Walk-Out Chaturanga


A.Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms by sides. Fold forward and walk hands out until body is in a plank.

B.Bend elbows to lower chest to floor, then scoop chest forward and up, arching back, straightening arms, and rolling forward onto tops of feet (thighs are off floor) to come into upward-facing dog.

C.Reverse the entire movement back to start.


Reps:AMRAP for 30 seconds

2. Fast Feet


A.Stand with feet wide, knees slightly bent, and elbows bent by sides. Quickly alternate lifting feet slightly off floor, shift- ing weight from left to right on balls of feet. Continue alternating as fast as you can.


Reps:AMRAP for 30 seconds

3. Single-Leg Hip Raise


A.Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips. Lift straight left leg to hip height. Lower. Switch sides; repeat. Continue alternating sides.

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