This all literally all begins in the gut, and this is important to understand when looking at ADHD.

The Gut-Brain Relationship

Our little ones’ brain health and the gut are more connected than most parents realize.

In fact, making sure the gut microbiome is healthy and teeming with a diversity of friendly flora may have a big impact on the chemical balance in children’s brains, along with their overall health and development.

You see, those bacteria in the gut can communicate with the brain directly. They do this by sending messages via the vagus nerve, which runs from our brainstem all the way to our abdomen.

Gut microbes are crucial for the creation and regulation of neurotransmitters needed by the brain to produce healthy signals throughout the body—the same neurotransmitters that drugs like Ritalin are designed to increase in ADHD children.

But most of that serotonin isn’t being made in the brain—about 80-90% of it is made in the GI tract!

This is why we need that healthy balance of bacteria in our little one’s belly: to promote a healthy balance of chemicals in the brain.

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