17 Women Share Their Best Tips For Getting Motivated To Work Out

5. Embrace your competitive side, if you’ve got it.



“I love CrossFit! I love the competitiveness of it and I always get a great workout. I played soccer at the collegiate level at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is why I still have that urge to compete. And at the end of the day, I have so much energy to burn!”

6. Plan your gym time around your favorite TV show.

“If I feel like it’s a treadmill-heavy day, I align my workout with when Law & Order is on TV—it gets me to walk, jog, or run for an entire hour and not even notice the time! I walk when it’s playing, and I jog or run during commercials.”

7. Tailor your workouts to fit your mood.

“I base my workouts on my mood. So if I feel like I’ve been pent up inside all day, I might focus on cardio or do an outdoor run. If I have zero energy, I’ll plan a relaxing session that focuses on stretching and foam rolling with some easy flexibility moves on a mat. If I’m feeling like a beast, I’ll do a heavy plyometrics or strength training. I do whatever I know will put me or keep me in a good mood! It’s a more therapeutic experience that way, and that keeps me motivated.”

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