16 Benefits of Hiking: Why You Should Take a Hike Today!

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It’s easy to dismiss hiking as something reserved for those who live in wild places, or for the super fit and adventurous. However, one of the greatest benefits of hiking is that it’s actually really accessible, inclusive and easy to do, regardless of your fitness levels. You don’t have to walk a million miles, you don’t need fancy gear, and you don’t even need to travel very far from home to do it.

As well as it being an excellent activity for those new to adventure in the outdoors, there are also loads of health benefits of hiking, both physical and mental. Plus, there are some social benefits of hiking, if you want them! Or you can enjoy the meditative effects of solo hiking, if you’d rather. Either way, there’s very little that is negative about embarking upon a hike, and you’ll almost always finish it feeling like a better human being than when you started.

If you are totally new to hiking and don’t know where to start then read our hiking guide for beginners.

  • The benefits of hiking
  • The health benefits of hiking
    • The mental benefits of hiking
    • The physical benefits of hiking
  • Social benefits of hiking

The benefits of hiking

Before I get onto the health and social benefits of hiking, it’s important to note these other reasons why taking a hike is a great idea.

01It’s free to do

You can take a hike almost anywhere without having to pay money to do it. Sure, some national parks charge an entry fee. However, there are thousands of trails of all distances that are totally free of charge.

02You don’t need much gear

Unless you plan on hiking in adverse weather conditions and on challenging terrain for prolonged periods, you don’t need much gear to go hiking. A solid pair of sneakers or running shoes will be just fine for short, easy hikes. Comfortable sportswear is fine to wear, and you’ll need something comfortable to carry your water, food and other items in. Of course, there is loads of great hiking gear available to make your time on the trail more comfortable and safe. But to start out you just need a few hiking essentials.

03It’s great to do with the family

Hiking is an excellent family-friendly activity that allows your little ones to get closer to nature and encourages exploration and adventure. If you’re worried they’ll get bored then chose an interesting route with lots of features (streams, trees, boulders etc). Or print a scavenger hunt for them to do.

04You can tailor the distance to your fitness

You don’t have to be mega fit to go hiking. In fact, many people start hiking to get fitter. Start by doing short and easy hikes and slowly make them longer and more challenging as your fitness improves. Soon you’ll be hiking the PCT!

05You can do it on your own

Many people like the social side of hiking. However, if you like time on your own then hiking is ideal, so long as you make sure you take the right safety precautions and tell someone where you are going. Plus, there are times when no-one else is available to go adventuring with you. So head out hiking on your own to get your nature fix.

The health benefits of hiking

The list of health benefits of hiking is endless. Have you ever read a report on the negative health effects of hiking? Thought not. More and more research is being done on just how great this simple pastime is for our health, and not just our physical health. The health benefits of hiking are so significant, in fact, that doctors have even started prescribing hiking to patients with chronic illnesses.

The mental benefits of hiking

06Improves mental wellbeing

Getting closer to nature has many proven positive effects on mental wellbeing. So much so that in 1996 the term “ecotherapy” was coined. Also known as nature therapy, ecotherapy is a formal therapeutic treatment that aims to improve the mental wellbeing of those suffering from depression and anxiety.

07Boost creativity

Disconnecting from devices and technology is an excellent way to tap into our creative sides as it allows our brains to become idle, even bored!  But there is also research suggesting that time in the wild can boost creativity. Whether that’s as a result of limited screen time and an increase in spare time is yet to be proven. Whatever the root of it, however, the results are clearly beneficial to those wanting to access their inner Picasso!

08Relieves stress

In our world of growing over-stimulation, getting away from it all and switching off is becoming more and more essential. Taking a hike is the perfect way to unwind and quieten a busy mind. A recent study found that hiking reduces repetitive thought focused on negative aspects of the self (rumination).  Plus, the rhythmic motion and repetitiveness of walking can be an excellent way to practice walking meditation.

If taking a hike feels like too much of a challenge right now then start small by simply getting outside and interacting with nature. Try creating a list of things to do each month in your local area, like this calendar.

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