12 Highly Effective Treatments for Thinning Hair

10. Dermatologists: Before jumping onto some medication based on your own intuition it’s better to consult some professionals in this regard. The dermatologist will look for the exact cause of hair fall. Maybe the reason for which you decide to use medication does not even exist.  So dermatologists should be consulted for identification of the actual cause of balding.

11. Plastic surgery: There are many beautifying techniques adopted by people to look better and unique. Plastic surgery not just is restricted to skin-related issues. Hair transplant is also the type of surgical method of revitalizing hair development. One should be watchful when you decide to go for a surgical method to obtain thicker hair.

12. Exercise: Daily exercise is highly recommended for good health. It keeps you young and healthy. Not just the hair but the rest of the body also enjoys being fit. Exercise induces better blood flow, therefore, nutrition will reach all follicles. The quality of blood is also improved due to the intake of fresh oxygen this, in turn, can be seen in hair as nourished, shiny and dense hair.

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