10 Things a Parent of an SPD Child Wants to Say to YOU

  • Oh, how he loves to laugh!

​Itself a very stimulating experience, my son LOVES the sensations he gets from laughing. His belly rolls, his chest heaves, his ears delight in the noise of giggles.  His whole face feels the movement of his smile as his eyes crinkle in anticipation of the high-pitched squeals he cranks out.

What joyful music.

My son loves laughter.  He loves being “tricked” and surprised.  He loves being the cause of laughter around him.  He’ll clown about or say silly things with the sole goal being laughter… glorious laughter.

  • Oh, how he loves!

There is not a malicious bone in my son’s body.  He happily pets our cats generously saying, “Look, Mommy. Zoey loves me!  I love Zoey, too.”  He’ll parade around with his stuffed dog, Chase, and tell everyone what a good dog he is and how much he loves Chase because Chase is a police dog.  He’ll throw his arms around your neck and tell you how happy he is to see you because he loves you “so so much.”  He’ll make you feel like a million bucks because, to him, everyone is his “best friend in the whole, whole world.”

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