Able to pay attention to high-interest things

The theory is that sufferers from ADHD can actually devote all of their interest into one activity at a time, so long as they are hyper-focused on the issue. In adolescents, parents may see this with a video game obsession. In children, it can present itself in different ways.  Children with ADHD may also be able to stay on task only in high-energy activities.  This, too, indicates tunnel vision so long as the child is appropriately engaged.

Excessively hyperactive / always in motion

One of the key symptoms of ADHD is the H – hyperactivity.  Certainly all kids seem to be hyper from time to time, but there is a breaking point for this behavior.  If a child never acts under control and is always in motion over the course of an entire day, it may be a sign of the symptom.  Children traditionally have waves of energy and rest, but if a child appears never to rest, it may be time to contact the pediatrician.

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