10 Possible Causes of Irregular Menstrual Periods

6. Puberty

Women go through hormonal changes many times throughout life, especially during puberty, where the development of breasts starts and with it the first period. During puberty, the pituitary gland starts to release the hormone that leads to the necessary ovary stimulation, in order to produce estrogen and progesterone. During this time, having an irregular period is completely normal, as it sometimes takes time to gain a certain regularity in the cycle, until the sudden hormone level releasement reaches its constant level.

7. Menopause

Women very commonly experience a change in the menstrual cycle just before menopause kicks in. This is normal, knowing that during menopause the hormone production stops following its regular pattern and regularity, and starts releasing hormones less frequently, or at a lower level at a certain time. This leads to symptoms similar to girls going through puberty, the hormonal change may cause the periods to be heavier than usual, last longer than usual, or sometimes and every now and then there is no period at all.

8. Change in weight

Sudden and severe weight gain or weight loss, may have just as much of an impact on the menstrual period and most often weight gain will lead to heavier periods while weight loss to missed periods.

9. Excessive exercise

Exercising excessively and doing some particular exercises may lead to missed periods. This is due to a body mechanism, which goes into a state of survival and starts shutting down all organs that aren’t essential. This change of state happens when the energy levels are being expanded during exercise and not balanced through adequate nutrient intake. This is why athletes and anyone who is an active need to take care of their diet and make sure to take in all-important nutrients. This can lead to long-term complications and shouldn’t be left untreated.

10. Pregnancy

Until today, pregnancy remains the most common reason for an irregular period. Women who are pregnant miss the periods altogether and start missing their first period usually after four weeks of conception. Sometimes, pregnancy doesn´t lead to missed periods but irregular periods, which is why it usually goes unnoticed at first, if the woman doesn’t react to the symptom of missed periods and visits a doctor to check for the reason.

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