Top 10 Best Pregnancy Tips For Women

The rest we either borrowed or bought second-hand, and we saved a mint! By getting so many great deals from places like eBay, and going to local ‘mothers of multiples’ sales I saved enough to put away for extra cleaning hours, and a special service to bring meals in during the first three months of our child’s life.

Pregnancy Tip 9:

‘Morning sickness’ can happen at anytime!: Morning sickness can happen at any hour of the day, all day or not at all. Fortunately not often, it can even creep into the second or third trimester like it did with me.

Pregnancy Tip 10:

Everyone’s experience of pregnancy is different, so take what is useful and ignore the rest: So many experiences and so many people dishing out advice. What I have observed is that pregnancy for the most part is the great equalizer–if you don’t get something on one end you’ll likely get something on the other. Fortunately, whatever our pregnancy experience may be, the majority of us end up with a little bundle of joy that makes the journey worth all the effort.
I am off to bed now to join my sleeping husband and my five pillows that prop up my bountiful belly, my buxom boobs and weary head. As I go off to sleep, I go with gratitude in my heart, knowing that soon we will be welcoming a beautiful new addition into our little family. This truly is the greatest parenting miracle of all.

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