10 Benefits of Strength Training

At any stage of life, strength training adapted to each person is recommended. The reason is that the training of the musculature is considered to be the most important factor for the improvement of the capacity of performance and the quality of life and provides a careful and attractive figure.

1. Improvement of muscle strength

To begin, training improves joint muscle play (intermuscular coordination). Progressing with the intensity of training, the muscles also learn to encompass more and more muscle fibers (intramuscular coordination). Visible signs manifest themselves in greater toning and, above all, an increase in muscle mass. The extent of muscle growth depends a lot on the hormones generated by the muscles, for example, testosterone (male genital gland hormone); for this reason, muscle growth is usually clearly higher in men than in women.

2. Increased caloric wear

The higher the percentage of muscles, the greater the number of “stoves” that burn energy. With every kilogram of muscle mass, calorie consumption is significantly increased 24 hours a day. Therefore, people who train have facilities to control their body weight. To keep in mind: people with a high percentage of muscles also weigh relatively more, since muscle mass weighs much more than body fat.

3. Better perception of the body

Intensive work with the body itself also exercises body perception. During physique training, you have the option to recognize the body’s signals and assimilate them correctly. This places special emphasis on the perception of effort and movement control.

4. Muscle improves posture

Flaccid muscles also give the body a warm appearance, and unilaterally developed musculature causes a slightly harmonious posture. Instead, an asymmetrically shaped muscular corset leads to an attractive figure. For all body areas: Training with extenders, a variant of the latex tape, can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

5. Injury prevention

Well-developed muscles envelop the body like armor. They protect it against bumps and falls. The back and large joints obtain additional protection when the muscles facilitate harmonic mobility in the joints and compensate for the danger of overload.

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